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About Us

The ornamental nursery of JV Intersad spol. s r.o. in Kráľová pri Senci was established in the former Semex premises in 2001. It is situated in the very vicinity of the main road E 571 connecting Senec, Sládkovičovo, Sereď and Nitra. At the turn of the year 2009/2010, the nursery transformed into Garden Center Jurajov Dvor, wihch consists of the growing section – the nursery – and the sales section.

On the area of 18 ha, you will find a wide range of ornamental plants suitable for the implementation of gardens and public areas.  Most of the plants are produced at our own ornamental nursery and the rest comes from various partner ornamental nurseries located all around Europe.  Alley trees, solitaires, evergreen and deciduous shrubs, conifers and perennials of many species and cultivars are available to your all year round.  Our staff will be glad to assist you with selection and do everything they can to satisfy your requirements.  Garden Center Jurajov Dvor also offer a wide range of supplementary products – garden substrates, mulch chips and barks, ornamental stones, various types of textiles, borders, protection nets against moles, flower pots and many other gardening and gardener accessories.

Our Team:

Our workers are graduates of vocational gardening schools and have rich experience and practical skills necessary to perform their duties. JV Intersad spol. s r.o. puts great emphasis on their further education and permanently invests in the training of its employees and also in new technologies – everything in order to achieve the maximum possible satisfaction of the customer.

Manager : Mr. Pavel Matějovský
tel: 0905 237 427
Manager : Ing. Mária Mészárosová
tel: 0905 237 431

Ornamental Nursery:

On the area of 17 ha, it provides comprehensive care for nursery plants and grass carpets, their shipment directly to the development projects of JV Intersad and their sale. Our plants  are regularly treated against weeds, diseases and pests, roots of trees are undercut 1 to 3 times depending on the category and the whole area is under complete irrigation. In rotation, the lawn for shipment is placed on rested soil, fertilised regularly, mowed and irrigated.

In the future we plan to expand the areas of container trees and to expand the production of shaped conifers.


The store section is located on the area of 1 ha and it is gradually becoming known among the customers thanks to its wide range of high-quality plants and the constantly expanding variety of supplementary products.  We focus on the maximum flexibility in relation to customers and we build long-term relationships with suppliers and partners. We are implementing a new ordering system which is designed to meet every order within the required period of time, quantity and quality. We also offer to our customers the possibility of providing products over the scope of our regular offer.




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