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In Garden Center Jurajov Dvor we offer the following products:


Alley Trees
Alley trees are offered in a wide of variety of species and sizes, suitable into parks, public areas but also bigger gardens.  The most popular alley trees currently include maples, linden trees, plane trees and elm trees in cultivars.  Our mission is to supply the market with healthy and high-quality trees in packages, containers but also free root, according to the vegetation season and the customer's requirements.

Every garden and public area can be decorated by an interesting solitaire. Our offer includes species suitable for our climate but also more exotic species for more demanding growers.


Evergreen and deciduous shrubs are an inevitable part of every garden, where they fulfil the function of filling an area and the aesthetic function - with their habitat, flower and leaf colouring, the period of bloom and the multilateral use in places with specific conditions, which can be areas that are inaccessible, wet, sour, shady, etc. We deliver free root and container shrubs in various size categories.

The demand for conifers increases hand in hand with the customers’ requirements for low-maintenance and evergreen plants.  Our product range includes over 200 species and cultivars of conifers and shrubs from the smallest up to grown trees, classic, prostrate, weeping and shaped.


Perennials and ornamental grasses
They complement every composition.  Their variety cannot be replaced by anything. Through a suitable composition we will achieve the purpose which a garden is meant to fulfil – to be a place of rest, relaxation and enjoyment. We offer a wide variety of colours, shapes, periods of bloom or demand for maintenance, from minor rock plants up to tall cultivars with big flowers.

Supplementary Products

  • Mulch bark of pine tree, spruce tree, stone pine tree, in several fractions, coloured chips
  • Various types of substrates – universal, for room flowers, balcony flowers, orchids, conifers, plants preferring acid soil, peat, etc. , in packaging from 3 l to 250 l
  • Ornamental stone - liparite, andesite, limestone, marble, travertine, schist, amphibolite, ornamental gravels
  • Fertilizers
  • Grass seeds
  • Nonwoven textiles, shades
  • Protection nets against moles
  • Borders
  • Flower pots of various shapes, sizes, colours and materials
  • Irrigation tubes, sprinklers, connectors, dripping hoses, automatic irrigation systems – HUNTER



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